Metro stations

ACO provides complete system solutions for complex surface water management tasks such as metro stations. Project requirements include aesthetic design effective drainage, while at the same time a common challenge is the limited construction height.

ACO MultiDrain

  • Polymer concrete drainage channels
  • Choice of design gratings: cast iron, stainless or Galvanized steel, plastic
  • Variety of slot frames
  • Freedom to create individual design or integration of LED lights

ACO Monoblock PD

  • Monolithic structure for superior stability
  • No loose parts
  • Traffic and vandalism proof
  • Color options: anthracite and natural

ACO Uniface covers

  • Access covers made of stainless or galvanized steel, aluminum or cast iron
  • Suitable for integration in different surface pavements

ACO KerbDrain

  • Kerbs with integrated channels
  • Monolithic system with no loose parts
  • Special elements for roundabouts, bus stops and other traffic areas